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Q&A with Logan Dooley

Logan Dooley
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Q&A with Logan Dooley

Trampoline athlete Logan Dooley shares his nervous habits, competition superstitions, and his special love for a chicken named Superstar.  

What's your family like?

My mother, Nancy, is the director of the Orange County Forum. My father is deceased, but was one of my biggest supporters. I have three older brothers, Jeff, Erik and Ryan. All three brothers are married and have children. I come from an athletic family, but am the only one to participate in gymnastics. I am not currently married but in a serious relationship with a wonderful Registered Nurse, Erin Porras. #FutureSugarMama

Do you have another job or business?

I am a part-time trampoline coach at World Elite Gymnastics. I also perform in trampoline shows across the country.

Do you have any pets?

Unfortunately, all of my animals have passed away. However, I have been a pet owner my entire life until recently. Throughout the years, I have had a dog (Cinnamon), cat (Bart), 4 rabbits (Honey Bunny, Peter Rabbit, Black Bunny, and Spot), 1 turtle (Tully), 1 iguana (Rings), 3 pigs (Piggy Sue, Kumquat, and Jalapeno), 1 goat (Darian), and 8 chickens (Big Red, Top, Halo, Model, Tyra, Blaine, Zenobia, and Superstar). I loved all of my chickens dearly, but Superstar was my beloved 16-year-old chicken.

I can't wait for the day that monkeys and elephants will be legal to own in the state of California.

What's your worst habit?

When I am nervous, I bite my fingernails......A LOT! I also have a bad habit of leaving every drawer open.

What's your personal motto?

Be humble and be a good person.

If you weren't an athlete, what would you be doing?

After I retire as an athlete, I would love to continue coaching and spreading my knowledge as a trampolinist. I hope to one day be a gym owner.

When you have time off, what would be a perfect day for you?

When I have time off, I enjoy spending my days at the beach or The Beach Club located near my house. I like hanging out with friends and playing outside games.

What are your favorite places in your hometown of Orange County, Calif.?

My favorite places to eat out are: Thai Smile, La Fiesta, Tapas & Beer, Cismontane, and Neighborhood Grill.

My favorite place place to relax and hangout (especially on a hot summer day) is the RSM Beach Club ("The Lagoon"), West Street Beach (Laguna Beach) and Table Rock (Laguna Beach).

Top 5 places to see and visit near my hometown:
1) Disneyland
2) Laguna Beach
3) Irvine Spectrum
4) Newport Beach
5) Catalina Island

Do you like to travel?  What have been your favorite places?

Yes, I love to travel. My favorite place I have seen so far is Japan. The people were so incredibly helpful and generous. The country has so much history and authenticity which I really enjoyed. I have been all around the world and seen many places, but Japan is by far one of my top countries to visit and I would recommend it to anyone.

Have you ever been to Rio before?

I have never been to Rio, but I am looking forward to the Olympic Village and all of the different arenas and plazas. I would also like to dance in the street with the locals as well as visit Christ the Redeemer statue.

What were your greatest obstacles in getting to the Games?

The passing of my father has been a big obstacle that I have had to overcome. It has only been 3 years since he passed away, but I feel his presence at every competition.

What would people be surprised to learn about training for the Olympics?

Some might be surprised to learn that some of my teammates are still in elementary school and high school. Some of my teammates that I train with are also athletes that I have coached and trained.

What's something cool or intense about your sport that people don't normally see?

They don't normally get to see all the crashes it takes to get it right.

Have you ever been seriously injured?

Every competitive sport comes with the risk of injury. I have dealt with a few injuries in my long career. The major ones were: fractured sternum, broken ankle, and patella tendonitis.

What's your typical training day?

Wake up time: varies
By 10am I usually have physical therapy or personal training.
1:30pm to 3:30pm: First Workout
3:30pm to 7pm: Coaching (times vary)
7pm to 9pm: Second Workout

What does a typical day of eating look like during training?

I always start my day with a great breakfast, it is a meal that I will never go without. I like to eat an egg or two scrambled with meat, some sort of bread and fruit. Unfortunately, I usually have to eat out for lunch but I always try to make the healthiest choices possible. One of my favorite lunch meals is an ahi poke with brown rice and vegetables from Spike's Fishhouse. I like to have small dry snacks in between lunch and dinner. Dinner is typically homemade with a meat and lots of vegetables.....salad is a must!

What are your go-to indulgent meals or snacks?

Mexican food (enchiladas and tacos), potato chips (salt & vinegar) and pickles.

What is your music of choice while training?

My taste in music varies on a daily basis. Some days I enjoy listening to country, while others days it's rock. I am not too picky when it comes to music as long as there is a catchy beat that keeps me going.

Who is your favorite musician?

Currently, my favorite group is Twenty One Pilots. In the past, I have enjoyed Blink 182 and Third Eye Blind.

What are your favorite TV shows?

Game of Thrones, Jimmy Fallon, Grimm, Black Sails, Outlander, American Ninja Warrior and Shameless are some of my favorite TV shows.

What is your favorite movie?

Hands down, my favorite movie of all time is Hook. No explanation needed.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Singing: I sing every day in the car, shower, and at practice. I also like to sing karaoke on occasion.
Dancing: I dance in the mirror, by myself, or with my girlfriend.
Going to the beach: I wish I was at the beach on the daily.

Can you tell us something quirky about yourself that people would be amused to learn?

Something quirky about myself is that I am severely dyslexic.

Do you have any lucky charms?

I don't have a lucky charm, however, my pillow is something that I never travel without.

What are your pre-competition rituals?

I like to stay relaxed and listen to music while in the arena. Right before getting on the trampoline to compete, I like to do handstands and pace back and forth.

Do you have any superstitions?

Yes... If I need to stop during my prep bounces before starting my actual routine, I fear that this is bad luck. However, this has happened to me in the past and I actually had a great routine... But I still feel superstitious about it.

What is your earliest memory of jumping on a trampoline?

My earliest memory was walking in to my gym at 7 years old for the first time. I remember hating the first 15 minutes of stretching, but loving the rest of the class. The love of flying through the air and the adrenaline rush is what has propelled me to dedicate my life to this sport.

Within your sport, who has been your greatest influence and why?

Within my sport, my greatest influence has been my coach, Robert Null. He has helped create the athlete that I am since the age of 7. It is because of him that I have such a strong passion for my sport. It is rare for an elite athlete to say that they have the same coach from when they first started from day one.

Do you play any other sports?

Not currently, but in the past I was an All-American in college diving. I ran varsity track and lettered in pole vaulting. I also have a history of playing the following sports: hockey, soccer, swimming, and water polo.

What are your favorite professional sports teams?

I wouldn't say that I diligently follow any professional sports teams, however, I am a season ticket holder for UCLA Gymnastics and enjoy attending their meets.

If you could hear from one celebrity/other athlete during the Games who would it be?

It would be really to hear from David Beckham and meet his family. An athlete I would love to hear from at the Games would be Ryan Lochte.

Have you become close friends with any competitors from other countries?

Yes, that is very common in my sport. For instance, Jonas Nordfors is a competitor from Sweden and he comes to visit at least once a year to train and hang out. Jason Burnett (Canada) and I have been friends for years.

Do you support any charities?

NEGU (Never Ever Give Up) the Jessie Rees Foundation is a local organization that has spread nationwide. They have a great goal and that is to spread joy to kids suffering with cancer. Jessie Rees, a 13-year-old girl who suffered from cancer, was the founder of the organization and a huge supporter of Olympic athletes. NEGU reached out to me before the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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