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Mr. T, Diddy send good luck to Team USA curlers

Mr. T, Diddy send good luck to Team USA curlers

The U.S. will take on Sweden tonight for the gold medal

"Curling is cool, fool!"

That's the hashtag and refrain famed actor Mr. T has repeated during the U.S.'s historic run to the men's curling gold medal game.

While the men have gained quite a few celebrity fans since the start of the PyeongChang games, none have been more enthusiastic than T (can we call him T?). 

Mr. T has cheered for Team USA from afar throughout the games, routinely tweeting them before, during and after games.

Now that the men are on to the gold medal game tonight, Mr. T has taken his fandom off of Twitter and directly to the team itself. He even called them a few hours before the game to offer a pep talk. He even told the team that he is their biggest fan (obviously).
Mr. T even gave his predictions for the game on Twitter. Now we can only hope for a live tweet.
There have been quite a few others who have sent Team USA their love before tonight's game. I think Diddy may even be angling for a spot in the the 2022 team.
The U.S. will take on Sweden tonight at 1:35 a.m. EST for the gold medal. No matter what happens, Team USA has made curling cool, and you're a fool if you don't think that's true.

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