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China's Zhao and South Korea's So-hui win first taekwondo medals

Zhao, So-hui win taekwondo gold in Rio

China's Shuai Zhao wins gold in men's 58kg, and South Korea's Kim So-hui does as well in women's 49kg. 


Shuai Zhao (China) vs. Tawin Hanprab (Thailand)

China's Shuai Zhao defeats Thailand's Tawin Hanprab in the 58kg division gold medal match. 

Zhao came out firing, scoring three body shots and defending valiantly in the first round. 

To start the second round, Hanprab, just 18 years of age, came out and scored a quick body shot, but soon after fell down to award a point back to Zhao. 

In a frantic third round, Zhao earned a quick point, but Hanprab scored a three point head kick to cut the lead to one. Zhao quickly extended his lead with another body shot, and defended well to run out the clock.

The 21-year-old Chinese fighter became the first men's 58kg gold medalist for his country. 

Final score: 6-4 in favor of Zhao. 

Tijana Bogdanovic (Serbia) vs. Kim So-hui (South Korea)

Kim So-hui defeats Tijana Bogdanovic in a wild finish to win the gold medal in the 49kg division.

So-hui, 22, started off the first round recording two points on seperate push kicks, but Bogdanovic got a point back on a thunderous body kick. 

The second round was a stalemate until, Bogdanovic went for a punch and So-hui countered with a head kick. Bogdanovic earned back a point when So-hui fell. 

So-hui opened the third round scoring to make it 6-2, but Bogdanovic cut it to 6-5. So-hui got a point back to make it 7-5, but in the final seconds Bogdanovic made it 7-6 and almost 7-7 but time had just run out. 

Though So-hui is a two-time World Champion, this is her first Olympic gold medal. This is South Korea's 11th taekwondo gold medal. 

Final score: 7-6 in favor of So-hui.


Yasmina Aziez (France) vs. Patimat Abakarova (Azerbaijan)

After a scoreless first round, Abakarova hit Aziez to go up 3-0. Aziez earned a point back before the second round ended. 

Abakarova struck with a head kick to go up 6-1, then knocked Aziez down to go up 7-1. 

Final score: 7-2 in favor of Abakarova. 

Luisito Pie (Dominican Republic) vs. Jesus Tortosa Cabrera (Spain) 

Pie led five to nothing, but with almost no time remaining, Cabrera landed a spinning head kick to tie it up. 

In the sudden death round, Pie scored a body kick with 22 seconds remaining. 

Final score: 6-5 in favor of Pie. 

Itzel Adilene Manjarrez Bastidas (Mexico) vs. Panipak Wongpattanakit (Thailand)

Wongpattanakit dominated the match, winning by point gap.

Final score: 15-3 in favor of Wongpattanakit. 

Kim Tae-hun (South Korea) vs. Carlos Ruben Navarro Valdez (Mexico) 

The first round was scoreless, and the only score of the second round came on a head kick with just under 30 seconds remaining from Tae-hun.

After a good start to the final round by Tae-hun, Valdez put it all on the line, and almost completed the comeback.

Final score: 7-5 in favor of Tae-hun.

Final Standings - Men's 58kg:

Gold - Shuai Zhao (China)
Silver - Tawin Hanprab (Thailand)
Bronze - Luisito Pie (Dominican Republic)
Bronze - Kim Tae-hun (South Korea)

Final Standings - Women's 49kg:

Gold - Kim So-hui (South Korea)
Silver - Tijana Bogdanovic (Serbia)
Bronze - Patimat Abakarova (Azerbaijan)
Bronze - Panipak Wongpattanakit (Thailand)​


Wu Jingyu (China) vs. Patimat Abakarova (Azerbaijan)

After a scoreless first round, Jingyu scored the sole point in the second round with a body kick. 

In the third round, Abakarova and Jingyu traded body kicks, but Abakarova then delivers a head kick for three points and holds onto the win against the two-time gold medalist.

Final score: 4-3 in favor of Abakarova. 

Omar Hajjami (Morocco) vs. Jesus Tortosa Cabrera (Spain) 

Cabrera opened up a 4-0 lead in the first round. No scoring occured until the final second when Cabrera ran out of bounds to secure the win. 

Final score: 4-1 in favor of Cabrera.

Julissa Diez Canseco (Peru) vs. Panipak Wongpattanakit (Thailand)

Wongpattanakit dominated the first but only lead by 2-0. 

Canseco fell twice in the second round giving Wongpattanakit a 3-0 lead. 

The third round got more intense, as Canseco scored a body kick and almost staged a comeback.

Final score: 4-2 in favor of Pattanakit. 

Kim Tae-hun (South Korea) vs. Safwan Khalil (Australia) 

With just under a minute left in the second round, Tae-hun landed the first strike of the match, a three point head kick. 

In the third, it was more of Tae-hun's defense setting the tone en route to a win.

Final score: 4-1 in favor of Tae-hun.

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