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Justin Olsen

Justin Olsen
Bobsled USA

Justin Olsen

Justin Olsen
  • Birth date 4/16/1987
  • Birthplace Lubbock, TX, TX
  • Hometown San Antonio, TX
  • Residence San Antonio, TX, TX
  • Height/Weight 6'2"/ 229 lbs
  • Olympics 2010, 2014


At the 2010 Winter Olympics, Olsen was a push athlete for Steven Holcomb’s Night Train four-man crew that won gold, the first for a U.S. men’s sled since 1948. Four years later, Olsen finished 12th in Nick Cunningham’s four-man sled. Olsen has since transitioned from being a push athlete to a driver. He discovered the sport in 2007 after his mother, Kim, heard about tryouts on the radio.
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Getting to know Justin Olsen


Olsen played tight end in college for the United States Air Force Academy.


He is a member of the U.S. Army’s World Class Athlete Program.


He lost 35 pounds after the 2014 Olympics to become a bobsled driver.

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